Design – Marketing – Media


At NEXUS, we believe in bringing media solutions to everyone that needs them. We recognize the powerful tools that exist in visual design, social media, and websites, and we will work with you to create an image for your company that reflects your professionalism and worth.

Over the years, I have met some tremendously talented individuals, and now have the privilege of calling some of them colleagues as well as friends. Artists and designers in our own right, together we work tirelessly to create fantastic projects. NEXUS is about community as much as it is about design, and as such, we aim to serve local businesses and individuals. There is nothing that can substitute a personal exchange of ideas- The team is located all over the Chicago area, so wherever you are, we can be. We don’t want to be a faceless company that churns out a design and asks for a check, we want to work with you to make the best possible presentation of your ideas and goals.

We want your venture to succeed, in part because we are also a small business and we know what it’s like to be in those shoes, but also because we want others to experience what we do- The satisfaction of creating and growing a business that is yours. Our network is large, and our talent pool is amazing. We look forward to making your business stand out and shine!

-Dalibor Zujovic, Founder and Director